5 Tips to clean and cook morel mushrooms |What are the Health Benefits of Morel Mushrooms?

Morel mushrooms consist of several B-vitamins and health promoting minerals. Studies have revealed that morel mushrooms reduce the risk of cancer as they contain a high level of niacin and selenium. Also, the superior vitamins and mineral content, low calories and fat content make it an ideal food for weight loss.


It improves the conditions and functioning of our heart as it contains a good measure of potassium, vitamin E and copper. Morel mushrooms have antioxidant properties which help in boosting the immune system and enable the body to fight with various common illnesses and diseases. They even help in the treatment of diabetes and maintaining low blood sugar levels in the body. So how you should clean and cook morel mushrooms? Here is what you need to know.

Buying and cleaning morel mushrooms

Morel mushrooms easily get soften and rotten. Hence, you need to buy morels which are fresh, firm and dry. Avoid the ones, which are desiccated, soft, wet or spongy. Large morel mushrooms are more prone to sponginess as they are often old while small morels are safer as compared to large ones. You should also inspect the morels for dirt and debris and clean them off with a dry pastry brush.

Trim morels before cooking

Begin by slicing off the tough, dirty end portion of each stem of morel mushrooms. Then slice the morels in half lengthwise.

Cooking morels

To cook morels, you will need to start by searing them in oil over high heat to brown them. The morels will begin to soften and turn brown. Now add minced onion or garlic at low heat to prevent scorching. You can even add a very generous pat of butter or soy sauce along with lemon juice to brighten the dish.

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