Can digestive biscuits really serve your health?

Digestive biscuits are touted healthful because they are prepared with whole wheat flour and other wholesome ingredients. Known to be of the right balance between sweet and savoury, digestive biscuits have grabbed attention of all the health-conscious people. Are they worth the hype?

Nutritional value of digestive biscuits

According to marketers, digestive biscuits give you the nutrition you need. A single biscuit has 50-80 calories with essential nutrients such as fat, carbohydrate, fibre, sugar, protein and sodium. However, they do not provide any vitamin or mineral in a considerable amount.

According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010, it is advised to keep a check on foods with added fat and sugar such as digestive biscuits as they contribute to calories without providing significant nutritional value. 

What are digestive biscuits prepared with?

All that you will see on the label of most biscuits is ‘whole grains’. They do contain whole-wheat flour, but you should always go for a reputed food manufacturer’s product that has ‘whole-wheat flour’ listed on the label.

If the label says multi-grain, stone-ground, 100% wheat or cracked wheat, it is not whole-grain digestive biscuit. 

Health benefits of digestive biscuits

There is not enough evidence to suggest that digestive biscuits are a balanced nutrition source. Some of the health benefits of digestive biscuits that marketers endorse are as follows. 

  • The biscuits aid digestion owing to the presence of fibre and baking soda in them.
  • They are low in saturated fats or calories, which aids weight loss.
  • They provide a steady release of energy.
  • They provide daily allowance of iron, which is good for your blood. 

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