How good is Bikram yoga for weight loss?

Bikram yoga has gained steady popularity as a form of power yoga, and is being enthusiastically practised by the young and the old alike. Ideally, bikram yoga sessions last for about 90 minutes and comprise of twenty six different postures and two breathing exercises. The ideal ambience for these sessions would be a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of about 40%. Practising bikram yoga for weight loss is also a very wellendorsed trend these days. It has been clearly established that bikram yoga does help in the calorie burning process.


In order to assess the contribution of bikram yoga in weight loss, we need to understand exactly how it works to facilitate the process. The various effects it has on our body are listed below.

  • A typical bikram yoga session is a healthy combination of basic yogic postures and some more advanced ones. The sessions are strenuous and cause the body to sweat profusely. As the muscles warm up during the course of the session, the fat burning process picks up momentum. Also, an elevated heart rate helps in burning calories too.
  • A bikram yoga session ensures that all you lose is fat and not lean muscle mass. In addition, intense yogic sessions such as these help in strengthening the muscles and making them supple.
  • Bikram yoga also helps in detoxifying the body by flushing out toxins. This improves the circulatory system of the body which in turn enhances the metabolism. A higher metabolic rate automatically leads to reduction of body fat.
  • Bikram yoga  helps in losing weight because of the holistic health benefits it incorporates. After regular sessions, your digestive system, endocrine system, respiratory as well lymphatic system work in perfect harmony with each other. This helps reduce unhealthy cravings and keeps the appetite just optimum.


Prerequisites for Bikram Yoga


You need to know how to use bikram yoga for being able to facilitate weight loss.

  • The frequency of your sessions is a key factor for being able to achieve satisfactory results with respect to weight loss.
  • You must attend at least 3 sessions a week and 10 sessions a month. If your body can withstand more sessions, take on the challenge for improved results.
  • You can end up burning as many as thousand calories per session by strictly following your instructor’s guidelines. Try to hold on to your postures for some time as instructed, for enhancing the calorie burning process.
  • Do not practice bikram yoga on an empty stomach. Its necessary to eat a good meal 4 hours prior to the session. You also need to hydrate yourself well the previous day for being able to make the most of your bikram yoga classes and maximise weight loss results.


All you need is plenty of motivation and the correct knowledge for utilising these sessions to the optimum.


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