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Based on the Hindu traditions of Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivisim, Siddha Yoga is a spiritual path of discipline that introduces its practitioner to the divinity of one’s inner self as well as that  of  the world around him or her. Siddha means ‘perfect’ and Siddha Yoga strives to achieve perfection in all human activities. One can directly apply siddha teachings and spiritual practices to the challenges of his day-to-day life. Siddha teachings assist the practitioner in realising his unifying bond with God. By practicing Siddha Yoga, one realises how divine power functions behind his mind, body and soul and harmonises his actions, emotions and efforts.

History of Siddha Yoga can be traced back to ancient India, which had seen many incarnated siddha gurus- Guru Dattatreya, Sant Jnaneshwar of Maharashtra, the Alvars of Tamil Nadu, the Sufi saints, Sai Baba of Shirdi and many others. While practising Siddha Yoga, the siddha guru channelises his knowledge to his disciples through Shaktipat Deeksha (process of bestowal of grace).

To practice Siddha Yoga, one has to indulge himself in meditations, chanting, dakshina (a core Siddha practice) and other spiritual practices. These spiritual practices develop virtues such as selfless service, love for humankind, sympathy and generosity in the practitioner.  Through Siddha Yoga, one enhances his or her inner wisdom and develops a better understanding of inner self and soul.

Within few days of practicing Siddha Yoga, a person feels stress-free and can notice an improvement in concentration. Siddha Yoga stimulates positive thinking. As the practice progresses, the practitioner realises that all yogic body postures and movements he undertakes happen automatically. In Siddha Yoga, the yogic kriyas are not standardised as each practitioner has specific postures according to his bodys needs. Thorough practice of Siddha Yoga brings favourable changes in the practitioner’s life. As he progresses on spiritual path, he comes closer to his real self and realises the purpose of life. Siddha Yoga is effective in reducing prolonged pain and suffering from any chronic disease, psychological or emotional disorder. It frees the practitioner from all kinds of addiction such as drug, alcohol or cigarettes. It heals and cures the body from diabetes, arthritis or any other physical illness. Anyone can practice Siddha Yoga irrespective of his/her caste, creed, sex, colour or religion.

Siddha Yoga is a self-realisation method, which follows the philosophy that the secret of one’s life lies within the inner self. This secret can be known if one meditates on his ‘self’. Practice of Siddha Yoga enables the practitioner to discover the divine light that dwells within him or her.


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