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Bhakti yoga is also known as devotional yoga, is one which enhances the your devotion, love and service towards the Divine Power- God. Chanting of mantras is done to enhance the concentration and establish a link with God.

Bhakti yoga is a way to surrender oneself completely to God. Bhakti breaks the ego and cultivates a sense of selfless love in you. Bhakti yoga is based on 9 principles:



This principle is based on listening to the poems, stories and songs related to God and his work. To perform Sravana bhakti, one has to hear stories of God from a holy preacher.



This principle is based on singing and chanting poems and songs dedicated to the works of God. Ram Dass, a great religious preacher, greatly supported this principle and said that the name of God brings peace and love in your hearts.



This principle lays emphasis on remembering God every time and before every work. This principle states that God is present all the time and His presence can be felt everywhere.



This principle of Bhakti yoga shows dedication and love towards The Almighty by serving others, especially the poor and sick.



This principle is based on worshiping God in the form of idols, pictures or any other form. This type of Bhakti yoga purifies and cleanses your heart and brings you closer to God.



This principle indicates praying and showing full devotion to God by praising His virtues. This type of yoga removes the feeling of selfishness and self-centeredness.



In this yoga principle the person treats himself as the God’s slave and performs all the duties and orders given by the God.  The person regards himself as His servant and devotes his life in the service of God’s people and God’s place.



This type of Bhakti yoga is aimed to treat God as the ultimate friend. A strong bond of friendship is developed with the God and He is regarded as a part of family.This bhakti yoga shows the ultimate devotion towards God. It depicts self giving and spiritual surrender to the Almighty.

Bhakti yoga is a way to attain spirituality and to connect with the divine power. By following any one of the principles or all of the 9 principles, one can attain the true love and blessing of God.


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