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Here are some yoga poses you should try to stay fit in winters.


Stand straight. Bend your left leg at the knee and push it forward by about three feet. Turn your right leg resting on the toes. Raise your arms to shoulder level. Bend the elbows back such that you can bring your palms next to your shoulders. Fill your mouth with air so that your cheeks bulge out. Raise your head and hold this position for as long as you can. Breathe normally. Return to base position an repeat for the right leg.

Benefits: Clears coughs; energizes the whole body.



  • Do avoid walking about barefoot on uncovered floor, specially in morning.
  • When sleeping, block your left ear with a pad of cotton wool. This boosts the functioning of your right nostril, which induces heat in your body.
  • Keep your ears covered and warm, when out in the morning
  • Have tulsi-ginger-clove tea in the morning.
  • Drink only tepid water instead of normal water.
  • Before bathing, massage your body vigorously with lukewarm mustard oil or seseme oil.




(Breath of Fire) 

This breathing exercise increases the vital capacity of the lungs, relieves allergies and asthma, and helps make the lungs strong and healthy. It also heats the body.
Inhale passively (through the nose), but exhale actively and with a little force. Start slowly and increase the speed. Imagine a steam locomotive moving slowly and picking up speed. DO one round of 30 strokes or exhalations, the rest for one minute. You can do up to five such rounds of bhastrika  in the morning and five in the evening.

Benefits: Removes impurities of the blood and boosts circulation.


Right Nostril Breathing

Put a cotton “plug” in your left nostril so that you will breathe through the right nostril, or block the left nostril by gently pressing with the ring and little finger of the right hand. Sit comfortably. Breathe in and out through the right nostril only. Repeat ten times.
Benefits: Generates heat in the body, thus countering cold.



Interlock the fingers and keep the right thumb upright and straight. With the index finger and thumb of left hand encircle the thumb. Hold this mudra for 15 min. This mudra can be  practiced anytime.
Benefits: Keeps common cold and cough at bay. Doing this mudra regularly will help keep the body warm.


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