Know why it is important for your kids to do yoga

Yoga for kids is not in its nascent stage anymore. Parents are getting their kids enrolled for yoga classes not only for physical fitness but to make them psychologically stronger too. For instance Mrs. Mehra was almost in a state of disbelief when her, impatient, twelve year old son started hurling abuses and hitting kids in the neighborhood. But today this happy mother says, “Yoga did wonders to her son as now he is much calmer and doesn’t react in either extreme.”

Children have to face both peer as well as parental pressure. Some parents unknowingly lay tremendous stress on academic and extra curricular success. With heaps of reality shows being floored on to the television parents wants their children excel. Unfortunately they forget that at such a tender age their child might be at a risk of psychological breakdown. Yogologist, Dr. Deepak Jha says, “This is where yoga comes as a rescue. Apparently, as a result of undue pressure a child might become aggressive outside his house or even show low motivation levels.”

Ms. Vineeta Gogia – yoga and meditation therapist, mudra specialist, weight management consultant and a diet counselor, says that children do Bhramari Pranayama, Sitali Pranayama, Shitkari Pranayama and Naadishodhan that can combat aggression effectively.” Talking about the success ratio Ms. Gogia adds, “If practiced everyday pranayama can do wonders in aggression control. Among asanas they can do Garbhasasan, shashank asana, yoga mudra and even savasana can calm their body and mind.”

Often we see children taking a resort in food when they are depressed or generally too eat too much of junk food. Regular intake, however, can land them up in serious trouble like obesity. Children can fight obesity, which is an epidemic spreading among kids, by doing the following asanas:

  • Surya Namaskar
  • Nauka Asana
  • Marich Asana
  • Urdhva Prasanta Padasana
  • Vajra Asana
  • Matsyendra Asana
  • Pasha Asana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Supta Baddha Konasana

For increasing their motivation levels, Dr. Deepak Jha, Yogologist says, “No better way to start a class other than Om chant. Since, children feel motivated to accept and complete challenging asanas. So they can be asked to do Dhanurasana, chakra asana, mayurasana, Vaka Asana.”

Yoga isn’t all about just exercises. Proper diet also contributes in the success of yoga. “Children must have lots of water, fiber-rich diet; have atleast four fruits a day (exclude sweet ones like mango, sapodilla), lots of vegetables, salads and sprouts. Avoid too much of sugar, salt and fat and oil rich food,” cautions Ms. Gogia.

So you’ve seen how yoga allows children to add vitality and joy to their being by doing some very simple yogasanas. In addition, they become more self aware and accept that they are different from others. As a parent your responsibility is that you must make sure that you are interacting with your child without any dose of pressure and unrealistic expectations.  Don’t stifle the young saplings; allow them to breathe life into their being.

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