The guide to your ideal pre-run diets

Running is not just about good running shoes. There’s an aim when you take up running. However, many a time people are confused on what to eat before a run because if you eat too much prior to a run, you can feel your stomach making you sick and if you don’t eat enough, you feel your knee buckling after a couple of miles. 

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Then what food can you eat before a run. Of course a pizza would be too much but then what is a proper pre-run diet? What is too much and what is not enough. And what all comes under the right kind of food that you can have before a run? 

Your ideal pre-run diet should be enriched in nutrients and enable you to have energy for your runs. Here is a proper guide to your ideal pre-run diets. 

The ideal time of having a pre-run diet

Although, having something within two hours prior to a run but something quick and with just enough amounts of calories, low fibre and low fat can be an ideal snacking option. You still need to watch the calorie part, have something with mild amount of calorie in it. 

Apple juice or apple sauce or any juice

A small bowl of apple sauce or a glass of apple juice could be the right choice. The idea is to have enough sugar to make a run last longer. You can go for cherry, cranberry juice and any other juice that can offer quercetin, an antioxidant. However, some runners have complained of going wobbly because of blood sugar spike, so to avoid this have some almonds and boiled egg white to slow down the absorption of sugar. Protein slows down the absorption. 

Raisins, dates and figs

With abundant amount if fructose and easy to carry, raisins, dates and figs can be carried along while you go on a run. They can offer you quick calories on the run along with some micronutrients. Many runners go for energy bars for micronutrients and these can be your supply for micronutrients, which are important. Along with micronutrient, figs, raisins and dates contain flavanoids, antioxidants, polyphenolic, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. 

Nutter, butter made of nuts

If you are aiming for a longer run, you will require protein and fat to keep you full. That some rice cakes with nut butter and honey can give you quick carbs and slow burning fat. You can also have white bread instead of rice cakes. 


If you are a coffee enthusiast and a runner, just a cuppa espresso will do you good but avoid it if you are not a coffee person. 

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