Mugwort : A powerpack herb to fight many ailments

 Mugwort or Artemisia Vulgaris is commonly known as wormwood. Leaves and flower tops have been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient time. It’s a yellow dye, an insect repellant, an ingredient in food dishes, and a possible treatment for conditions ranging from flatulence to infertility.


Helps to get rid of constipation

Mugwort roots are general tonic and boost physical and mental energy. Whole plant stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, so they improve digestion. Mugwort also works as a liver tonic and increases the bile secretion, which corrects fat metabolism and improves intestinal movements.

Use to treat epilepsy

As a nervine, Mugwort is valued in palsy, fits, epileptic and similar affections, being an old-fashioned popular remedy for epilepsy (especially in persons of a feeble constitution).


Effective treatment for depression

This herbal remedy may help to balance chemicals in the brain and ultimately improve mood. A drachm of the powdered  leaves, given four times a day, is stated by Withering to have cured a patient who had been affected with hysterical fits for many years, when all other remedies had failed.

Diuretic properties

It has stimulant and slightly tonic properties, and is of value as a nervine and emmenagogue, having also diuretic and diaphoretic action.

The juice and an infusion of the herb were given for intermittent fevers and agues. The leaves used to be steeped in baths, to communicate an invigorating property to the water.

So add this wonder herb in your kitchen and use them whenever required.


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