Mistakes you have been making while removing your makeup

Kudos to you for mastering all those tricky makeup techniques that make you look glowing and youthful every day. You must have found your favourite anti-aging cream and eye concealer that work amazing for you and you even wonder at times that they are probably made for you only. Not to mention that you never forget to wear your sunscreen before you step out in the sun. Think you are good, right? Not quite.


removing makeup

Did you know something as simple as making little mistakes while taking off your make up can add years to your face? Yes, you read that right, according to experts, most women are not aware of proper makeup removal techniques and the mistakes they make while taking off the makeup can actually cause damage to the skin. We are listing some of these makeup mistakes here, hoping you will avoid such mistakes from now on and save your skin.


Best makeup remover tips ever


Not removing all you makeup before going to bed

We are pretty sure you are not reading this for the first time. And we are also sure; you probably never bothered about it. But guess what, it’s never too late to change a habit for good especially the ones that concern your appearance. Yes, it is important to understand why it is necessary that you remove all traces of makeup and wash your face before you to sleep.

During the day, you expose yourself to pollutants in the environment such as car exhaust and dirt, which trigger free radicals that break down collagen in the skin, resulting inflammation and fine lines over time. Now you must understand that these free radicals cling to makeup, thus, it is significant to get all such gross particles off your face before hitting the sack, to prevent wrinkles and also to keep pores from getting clogged.


Not changing your face towel on regular basis

Free radicals not just stick to your dirty skin or get trapped in your makeup, they also begin to build up on the towels that you use regularly over time.  Therefore, make sure to change your face towel every day or two to prevent accumulation of bacteria and germs.


You’re a scrubber

Do you use mascara to give your eyes definition? Love curling your lashes to make yourself look younger? But do you also aggressively rub your eyes to remove mascara? Well, you have been making a terrible mistake by doing so as scrubbing your eyes can damage your lashes and can even make them fall out.  But, you can easily take off the makeup around your eyes without tearing out your lashes by using a soft, clean and disposable organic cotton pad and an oil based makeup remover.


Using wipes for everything

Face wipes are considered excellent for removing makeup but contrary to this popular belief, these wipes fail to cleanse the skin completely. Yes, they only remove visible makeup. Besides, the material of such wipes is often scratchy and irritating. Instead of going for the face wipes, opt for a moisturizing makeup remover and don’t forget to wash your face before going to sleep.


Using harsh cleanser

Using foaming cleansers that contain harsh detergents to remove makeup can make your skin dry and wrinkled. Avoid using cleanser that contains potentially drying ingredients such as sulfates, alcohol and synthetic fragrances.

Follow these best makeup remover tips and you are ready to hit the bed.


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