Why you should avoid applying lip balm with your fingers

Lip balms are like a girl’s best friend but they only come in one of those small tubes or ramekins although we would prefer them in a stick style applicator form just like our lipsticks. We all know how significant it is to wash your hands before digging them in there and applying lip balms. It’s not always feasible for us to do that especially when we are out and our lips cry out for moisture or sun protection. And we can’t ignore this call for help, so without wasting any time, we take out our favorite lip balms from our bag and save our lips from the damage. But most of us often overlook the dangers we put ourselves into simply by applying lip balms with our fingers. Now you might be thinking why we would say that. Well, keep on reading and you will know more about the reasons to avoid applying lip balm with fingers.




What you should be worried about?

When you apply lip balm without washing your hands, you are likely to orally inject bacteria and viruses and the other entire invisible sickness causing microorganism that could literally be living on your fingers. If you think you don’t have to worry about it because your balm comes with an antigen that claims to avert growth of bacteria because your balm won’t be able to protect you if you have bacteria on your fingers when you apply the balm.  


What to expect?

When you touch a doorknob or railing of an escalator or even your cell phone, your fingers can pick thousands of bacteria such as streptococcus or staphyloccus. If you get infected with staph bacteria, you may get pneumonia, on the other if you catch strep bacteria you may experience strep throat, pink, meningitis and flesh eating disease.


Here is what will probably happen

Sooner or later, especially if you happen to keep a lip balm in your purse which might be a safe haven for countless germs, your lip balm could be carrying all sorts of germs. Therefore, it is always advisable to wash your hands really well before applying the balm. But keeping some kind of infection at bay is really a matter of time and luck. Furthermore, some of the ingredients of the balm provide ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. So, the longer you keep your balm, the more likely it is to pick up something malicious.


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