5 super cool hairstyles that will keep the sweat away from your hair this summer

Long flowing lovely hair is a wish for every girl who wants to look her best all the time. However, summer is a tricky season to let your mane loose and also a hassle for most of us, who are short of time to make an elaborate hair-do on daily-basis. Therefore, it’s indeed intelligent to keep you hair away from you face under this scorching sun. Otherwise hair will not just be cumbersome to manage – but also can cause bacteria formation due to the encounter of hair with facial sweat, dirt and dust and cause acne.


So, opt for different kind of short haircuts or buns for a summer-ready look or, go a bit girly by sporting a sleek pony or braid. Veteran Beauty Expert, Renowned Aesthetician & Cosmetologist and Founder-Director of ALPS, Ms. Bharti Taneja, reveals just the right kind of styles which are sure to make you style diva this summer – while keeping the sweat away!


Summer hair styles

The Pixie Way

Anushka Sharma’s PK look was superbly applauded and so was this super-trendy haircut – called the pixie. This super-edgy hair styles takes-off the volume from your hair and therefore is best for girls with thick hair who wants shed the weight of her mane. And, doing this will eventually take away the volume from the upper part of face (forehead, cheeks) too – making it an ideal hairdo for girls with heart-shaped face. A hit amongst college-going girls, this style can be adapted by girls who don’t want to invest much time styling their mane.


Summer-Staple, Buns

High buns are wish-come-true styles for girls in summers. They keep those fringes and flyways away from falling on your nape and face – while you travel during the mad-heat. So, be it the tried and tested – top-bun or sock/chignon bun – all are sure to give you that dose of comfort. A new one on the block – a pun, pony-cum-bun, can is this season. For this, twist and turn you pony and pin it at the back of your crown to up your game of hair-fashion and say goodbye to sweat.


It’s Pony Time: Ponies are an effortless, stylish style that can be carried-off by even the busiest of women – and looks equally flattering on all faces. And, the cherry on the cake – pony can be customized according to one’s hair-length and type for that added loveliness. So, if you have a thick-coarse hair you can immediately create a voluminous, messy & undone look for a bold-look. But, in case you have a limp, lifeless mane – you can certainly go for a sleek, low-pony that’ll also give your nape a respite from heat. Otherwise, to add a boost to your mane, fix your pony with a banana-clip instead of a rubber-band. Also as done for buns, you can puff your hair-up slightly to give your face height and add freshness to your look during this summery weather.


Chic Bobs

Bobs are best for drastically changing you entire look. So this summers, get your hair chopped-off into a trendy bob cut. And, why not when Bollywood divas are seen donning the trend too. This style has a universal appeal, as it can add an instant volume to the straight-hair – while turning the mane, more manageable for the curly-beauties. One may also go for lob (long-bob) if she is keen on maintaining some hair-length. Plus girls with lush, wavy tresses can don a super-chic wob (wavy-bob) – which is also superbly trending this summer!

Chic Braids

Braids are here to stay! However, ditching the messy – this year go for its sleeker versions. French-braid, Tail-bone Plait, Dutch styles, side braid or nape-covering – choice is completely yours during this season of spring. A braided-head band too looks super-chic – you may create one by braiding a flick of hair from the crown and pinning it near behind your ear-portion to keep sweat away. The best part about braids is that they compliment every occasion – be it formal or casual – and let you emerge like a princess straight out of a fairytale. Happy Summer!


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