Eat Tulsi Leaves To Beat Stress Naturally

Tulsi, also known as basil leaves, is a common Indian household plant. It is considered a sacred plant due to its mentions in Indian history or mythology. Besides praying to the plant, people commonly advice to include its roots and leaves in various medical decoctions. It is said to a number of health benefits from clear skin to dissolving kidney stones; acting as a tonic for the entire body. For thousands of years, Tulsi has been used to prevent and minimize the symptoms of cold and flu, to support upper respiratory health, reduce fevers and promote overall health.


The sacred plant has been used as one of the principle herbs in India’s Ayuvedic medicinal practices since ancient times. It is well-known for its wide range of health-promoting and disease-preventing properties. Besides all these benefits it is renowned for its calming effect which makes it a wonderful herb to fight stress.


Tulsi can be used to maintain the normal levels of cortisol in the body thereby relieving you from stress. It also aids in combating the negative effects on brain caused due to stress. The leaves of tulsi are rich in antioxidants which are very helpful in reducing stress by neutralizing the free radicals. Tulsi leaves are an efficient anti-stress agent as it has powerful adaptogenic properties that help in soothing the nerves and regulating the blood circulation. These vitally important nutrients also slow down the oxidation process and protect the body from the harmful effects of stress.

basil leaves

You should chew about 10-12 tulsi leaves twice a day to beat stress naturally. Drinking tulsi tea on regular basis helps in relieving stress and tension from your daily life. What’s even better about relying on the herb for relief from stress is that it poses no risk of any side effects. So, you can try this herb instead of going for the pills which may have some side effects associated with them that can harm your health in the long run.



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