This is why eating raw vegetables is better than eating cooked vegetables

No doubt, vegetables are a rich source of organic nutrition. Veggie lovers all around the globe will agree to the fact that all vegetables have their own share of wholesome goodness but there is a little fact that even the veggie lovers are not aware of. Eating raw vegetables are way healthier than cooked vegetables.

Indeed, there are dishes or methods of cooking that can ruin or kill the healthful qualities of vegetables. However, there are many ways of cooking your vegetable while keeping their nutritional value intact such as grilling, sautéing, steaming and other, but still raw vegetables are healthier. Here are some vegetables that are healthier when eaten raw as compared to other vegetables.


Highly enriched in beta-carotene, carrots are great for eyes. Treated as a vital ingredient in salads, consumption of raw carrots is good for eyesight. Apart from eyes, carrots can boost the immunity and give you a healthier and shinier skin too. You can cook your carrots but raw carrots will always have a better nutritional impact on your body. A very lesser known fact about carrots is that it produces Falcarinol, which can prevent cancer as well. Eating carrots can also slow down the ageing process with the help of same beta-carotene agent.


Well, kids have problem getting spinach down their throats when it is cooked; eating raw spinach is a far-fetched thought. The bright green leaves of spinach can be cooked in many ways but not many people are aware that the green leaves are even healthier. Spinach is a rich source of iron, copper and folate and magnesium. Eating raw spinach can lower the blood pressure, minimise the risk of cancer, improve your bone health and can also control diabetes.


These green stalks taste best in soups and stalks but when eaten raw the taste quotient almost vanishes. Asparagus is enriched in vitamins A, E and C, also known as cancer fighting vitamins. Asparagus is also called as brain food owing to its Vitamin B12 component. It helps the response frequency of brain and mental flexibility.


Eating raw tomatoes is nothing strange, people do consume raw tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are a breed of tomatoes and are often eaten raw in salads. Tomatoes have beta-carotene that fights different types of cancers like prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. The fibre, potassium, and choline content are a contributing factor for a good heart health.

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