6 Reasons why you should not wear spandex

Wearing spandex can be stylish sometimes, but is it more important to look stylish than to be safe and healthy? Well, there are some side-effects of wearing spandex that you must know of.

side effects of spandex

If you like spandex or are planning on buy, do consider these points before doing so:


Numbness in your legs

Wearing spandex can compress the peripheral nerve in your thigh, causing Meralgia Paresthetica. You may start having tingling sensations in your legs, followed by numbness and sometimes pain.

Can cause blood clotting

If you are wearing spandex pants, you are sort of decreasing the circulation of blood, which can lead to blood clotting in your thigh and calf region, especially when you bend your knees.

If you are okay with fat ankles

Wearing spandex can lead to “Lymph congestion”, which means fat ankles.

Moisture lock, not good

The fabric doesn’t breathe like cotton or wool. Plus, it is so tight that there is not enough space for air to move around. This traps moisture, making you sweaty and causing germs to accumulate, leaving you vulnerable to bacterial infections.

Can disturb bowel movements

Spandex can compress your bowels and can be a bigger problem for people already suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Shows off everything

If you know what I mean, the fabric takes shape of your physical structure. So, if you are one of those people who do not like too much of a body-show, I strictly warn you against it.


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