7 Economical food sources of phosphorus

Phosphorus makes up for 1% of the total body weight in an average adult. It has a key role in the formation and maintenance of teeth and bone, however, it has many other important functions too. It also determines how fats and carbohydrates get processed in your body.

The amount of phosphorus needed by each person differs according to the age group. Generally, adults need lesser phosphorus than kids or teenagers who are still growing. This is because phosphorus is needed for bone growth and maintenance. For most people, a normal healthy diet is sufficient to meet the daily requirement of phosphorus. However, if you are suffering from certain diseases or have a poor diet, the levels of this important mineral can drop. Here is a list of economical and easily available sources of phosphorus. Make sure you include a few of these foods in your diet to maintain healthy levels of the mineral in your body.


Eggs are cheap yet healthy

Eggs are a great cheap source of phosphorus. They are easy to prepare and can be cooked into a host of different dishes. A large egg can provide up to 18% of the daily requirement of an average adult. 

Milk and other dairy products

Most foods which are rich in proteins and calcium are generally a good source of phosphorus too.So if you are having dairy products regularly as a part of your daily diet, your body probably has enough phosphorus. 

Fish is rich in phosphorus

Fresh fish can be a healthy and pocket- friendly source of phosphorus for people living near the coastal regions. A single serving of a fish like Salmon can provide you with half the recommended daily value of phosphorus. Other fish particularly rich in phosphorus are Carp, Cod, Tuna and Mackerel. 

Beans and lentils

Beans are a great source of phosphorus and are also good for you if you are planning meals on a budget. A can of beans costs less than any of the foods in this list and provides 18% of recommended daily value. Yellow beans, chickpeas, turtle beans, kidney beans and pinto beans all are rich in phosphorus. 

Pumpkin seeds

You can buy a pack of dried pumpkin seeds or save yourself some each time you use pumpkin in your cooking. Pumpkin seeds are high up on the list when it comes to phosphorus rich foods. 

Healthy whole grain

Whole grain bread and cereals are also a good source. However, the phosphorus stored in whole grains isn’t readily available for absorption by the human body. 

Cheap potatoes

A staple in most of the kitchens worldwide, The potato isn’t the greatest source of phosphorus. Although for people who have this humble vegetable as a part of their daily diet, potatoes can have a major contribution towards recommended phosphorus intake. 

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