Remove the split ends with a banana

Our hair goes through a lot. In order to make them look good, we torment our hair. Excessive washing, conditioning, strips our hair of the natural shine and beauty. One of the most the most common and annoying hair problem is having split ends. Split ends mean the quality and health of hair should be taken under consideration. Also, removing split ends or curing split ends isn’t easy as they reappear.

Remove the split ends with a banana


Banana recipes for hair


  • You will need one banana, egg, coconut oil and honey for deep conditioning.
  • Take 1 egg and 1 ripe banana
  • Mash the two together and make a paste out of it
  • Now, add 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil in the paste
  • Now, add 3 tablespoons of pure honey
  • Mix all of them well to get a fine paste
  • Apply this paste on your hair and especially scalp.
  • Let it sit for around 30 minutes.
  • Now, wash with cold water and a mild shampoo.
  • Repeat once a week


Now, for deep conditioning for split ends


  • Yogurt, Banana, lemon juice and rose water to make a hair mask
  • Mash one ripe banana
  • Add rose water and lemon juice into it
  • Add enough yogurt to make smooth paste
  • Now, you have to make a fine paste to make a hair mask, so add yogurt accordingly.
  • Mix them well.
  • Apply the mask on your hair
  • Let it sit for an hour
  • Wash it with a mild shampoo
  • Repeat once a week

The recipes mentioned above can give you smooth and shiny hair. You just have to mash the banana properly and blend it well with other ingredients. Make sure that you wash out the banana hair masks properly from your hair and it is not sticky anymore.


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