Sport a bikini with style and look fit in it

Your summer trip to the beaches may have been fun, but not that fruitful without you being able to wear a bikini with comfort. After all, sporting a bikini requires a bikini body.

Sport a bikini with style and look fit in it

Is the desire to wear a bikini in the approaching beach party freaking you out? Here are five ways in which you can look fitter in that sexy bikini you have:


  • To look fit in the bikini that you already have, you do not need to crash diet. All you need to do is make sure it is  dark coloured. A black bikini with some tinge of red can hide those flabs around the tummy.
  • Apply some tanning lotion the previous night of the party. Apply the tanning lotion on the thighs and arms and get ready to look like  bronze-beauty even before the party.
  • Opt for the right kind of bikini for your body type. If you are not heavy, a two-piece bikini is the best option for you. This would help you flaunt your toned abs and take the attention away from your cleavage. If you are too lanky, striped bikinis can make you appear fuller!
  • Try and pair your bikini with a beaded or a colourful sarong. This is the perfect way to accessorise your look so you appear fitter and confident.
  • Take a shower before putting your bikini on. A fresh and wet look is always more appealing than a drab and  dull  appearence.
  • Grab those high heels for the party. Nothing can compliment your bikini for the evening than your heels.
  • Another way to look fitter in your bikini is to avoid eatables and drinks that can add extra calories to your body and make you look bloated in all the wrong places! Have fresh juices and veggies for that perfect toned look. Cut down on alcohol and fried food right away to get that fitter look. You sure do not want to appear disfigured!
  • Posture! Walk straight and do not hunch while you walk. A lot of women have a slouched back while walking, which makes them look unfit even if they are slim. Walk with your chin lifted and push your chest out a bit while you walk and catch those eye balls rolling!
  • Have two glasses of water before every meal. This will cut down on your craving for food.
  • Having four to five walnuts every morning as they can help you look fitter in your bikini. It surely cannot get any simpler than this.

So, what are you waiting for? Wear your attitude along with your bikini and get set to roll for the evening!


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