3 effective yet easy yoga asanas that seniors must try!

Elderly people are more susceptible to health complications, such as back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, indigestion and gas problems. This creates the need for the seniors to stay fit and healthy by practicing specific yoga for seniors.


This is a breathing technique which helps to relieve excess mucus in the air passages and chest. Practicing this yoga posture will help the seniors to improve their heart health, respiration process, blood circulation and lung capacity.  This asana is well known and widely practiced for healing gastric problems, indigestion and aids in maintaining blood glucose (sugar) levels.  

How to perform Kapalbhati:

  • Sit on the floor with your back and neck straight. Hands should be in gyan mudra i.e. your thumb tip and index finger meeting each other and the wrists gently placed on the knees.
  • Stomach muscles will be relaxed.
  • Forcefully breathe out air through your nose. This will cause strong contraction of the stomach muscles, drawing the stomach inwards. After this, inhale normally to exhale forcefully again.
  • Kapalbhati pranayama can be repeated 10 times and to keep yourself energised, by take a break after the first five times.
  • With regular practice, you can cut down abdominal fat significantly with this asana.

Sukhasana (Easy pose)

Among one of the classic meditative postures, sukhasana helps seniors in strengthening their backbone, attaining a calm state of mind, straightening the spine and promoting inner sense of equanimity. Practice of sukhasana improves flexibility of overall body.

How to perform Sukhasana

  • Sit in a comfortable position on a mat with your legs crossed. Using your hands, remove the ‘hanging’ flesh from under your hips to give your back liberty to make movements. Position your hands in gyan mudra.  
  • With deep inhalation, lift the crown of your head towards the ceiling. While exhaling, let your body loose.
  • With your fingertips touch your shoulders and roll them up, down and back. Keep inhaling and exhaling with this movement.
  • Repeat it as many times as you want.

Double leg raise

Performing the double leg raise is a great way to keep the waist and thighs in shape. This yoga exercise for seniors requires inner thighs, outer thighs, hips and obliques to work. This posture benefits the most if the full length of the back is resting on the floor and shoulders and neck must be relaxed.

How to perform double leg raise

  • Lie straight on your back, legs straight and knees together. Rest your head on the mat . The head should be facing the ceiling.
  • Rest both your hands on each of your side.
  • Together lift your legs slowly, first making a 45 degree angle and then a right angle. In the same way, lower your legs to touch the ground.
  • Exhale while lifting your legs and inhale when lowering them.
  • You can repeat 2-3 sets of double leg raise. Each set can comprise 15 repetitions.

Yoga exercises for seniors can be performed independently or as a part of complete yoga routine.

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