Cosmetic surgery for weight loss

Cosmetic surgery for weight loss

Obesity refers to, being slightly overweight to being obese. In short it is a health related problem. Excess obesity in people sometimes can’t be cured by medicines or dietary control or exercise so cosmetic surgery for weight loss comes to the rescue as it remains the last option for long term results. Changing lifestyle is a major reason for obesity even in children and later in life this problem becomes more complicated and difficult to cure. All the three factors, biological, behavioural and environmental are responsible for this problem. Problems related to obesity are hypertension, diabetes, heart ailments, joint problems, and sleep disorders. Thus, it is in turn responsible for reduced quality of life and life expectancy.



By laparoscopic, surgery for weight loss can be performed safely. A less painful, patient friendly approach is very safe and simple and the patient is back to his/her normal regular routine in few days after the surgery. Cosmetic surgery for weight loss is no more uncommon now but is gaining popularity with its positive results and when all other methods of weight loss have failed. It is also called bariatric and metabolic surgery. This surgery is performed by trained surgeons and complications are very less but still it carries risk so one has to be aware of the pros and cons before agreeing for the same.


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This surgery is not as simple as it seems because it has to be complimented with proper diet, exercise, and intake of proper nutrients and supplements prescribed by the doctor thus a new healthy lifestyle. It is best to talk to those who have already tried it and experienced this surgery. This surgery is a highly specialized branch of medicine dealing with cause, symptoms and treatment of obesity on the other hand cosmetic surgery is used to enhance physical appearance.

The most popular cosmetic surgery for weight loss is called liposuction used to remove body fat. At the same time it is to be kept in mind that liposuction is not for anyone and everyone so one has to consult ones physician whether it’s needed or no which may then be judged by the surgeon. Either a full body lift or specific areas which are the ‘problem areas’ can be mentioned like arms, thighs, abdomen both for men and women. But if it can be done on you this is decided by your physician.


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