How to prevent acne after threading

Every woman looks for a flattering eyebrow shape and so they seek many methods to achieve it, and threading is one of them. The basic benefit of threading is that it removes facial hair straight from the roots, leaving behind a clean, clear and smooth skin. However, threading might cause redness and skin irritation that might pest you for a long time. In order to minimize the pain, redness and occurrence of pimples, consider our tips to treat skin irritation after threading.

Skin care after threading

Step 1

Tie your hair with a headband, away from the forehead. Splash lukewarm water on your face and apply acne-fighting cleanser to the entire face, massaging the eyebrow area specifically. This will remove oil, dirt and bacteria from the site. Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.

Step 2

Using a cotton pad, apply toner to your entire face or just the pimple prone area. A toner with witch hazel could reduce pore size and push the dirt out. You could also choose a toner with salicylic acid because it breaks down oil in the clogged hair follicle and kills bacteria in the pimple. Chamomile, aloe vera and allantoin are other anti-inflammatory ingredients you could choose for your toner.

Step 3

Benzoyl peroxide is the most common treatment for pimples. Apply a 2.5 percent version of the product onto the affected area daily. If that doesn’t soothe your pimples, switch to a higher concentration, but only if your skin is not irritated or peeling.

If your skin is acne-prone after threading, try not to touch the threaded area for at least 12 hours. Also, don’t exfoliate the affected skin. Steering clear of any perfumed cosmetic product also helps prevent acne after threading.

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