Tips to keep your veggies fresh for longer

Winter is coming! And it will bring loads of healthy vegetables and fruits. Since almost everyone now has busy schedules, we often end up buying our veggies and fruits all at once and storing them in the refrigerator, only to find them rotting or sagging just in a couple of days. Keeping your fresh vegetables for long can be a difficult task. Nobody enjoys seeing their greens turn wilted and moulded. So, is there anything that you can do to avert your goods from spoiling? Yes, just follow the following tips!

Don’t store everything together

Some ripen vegetables tend to produce a gas known as ethylene, which can cause premature ripening of other foods that are sensitive to it. Therefore, you must know which foods should be kept away from ethylene producing foods. For instance, carrots or leafy greens should not be stored with tomatoes as they tend to ripen fast. 

Give your berries a hot bath

Have you ever noticed that your berries turn moldy even after keeping them refrigerated? Yes, your uneaten berries can get spoiled overnight. Instead of using pesticides to prevent the development  of fungus on your berries, give them a hot bath, known as thermotherapy which involves immersion of your berries in a pot of hot water to kill mold spores present on them. Later, spread them out on a towel to dry before storing them in your refrigerator. 

Wrap your leafy greens in tissues

Ideally, you should consume leafy greens within 1-2 days of purchase in order to ensure freshness and getting all the nutrients out of them. But, if you think you can’t finish them within 2 days, keep their freshness intact by wrapping them in a tissue paper. All the excess moisture, which could cause them to rot, gets absorbed in the tissue. You can then store them in your fridge. Tips to remember: always wrap unwashed leafy greens and toss away the rotten ones before storing them. 

Ice water for lettuce and herbs

The cold temperature of your refrigerator may turn leafy greens limp over a duration of time. But you can easily refresh them quickly by giving them a nice cold bath. All you have to do is place the lettuce leaves or herbs in the bowl filled with ice water. Only a minute or two would be enough to get them going fresh again.

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