Ways in which Social Media can help you lose weight

This generation is the era of tech lovers and being attached to social networks is important. Among social networks, the first thing that comes to your mind is Facebook. There is a research that suggests that being emotionally attached with Facebook friends can help you reduce excess weight.

Ways in which Social Media can help you lose weight

How Facebook friends help you lose weight

The University of North Carolina came up with a research, based on a study which found that women using Facebook subconsciously compare their body with the body of their friends, and aspire their eating and dieting habits. According to Stephanie Jerwas, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry says that college girls are usually very conscious about their body while uploading pictures on social network websites which makes their friends equally conscious about their weight too.

It boosts your self esteem

According to the study from Cornell University, posting pictures on FB can help to influence the self esteem. After all, it allows you edit the image you post so that you could highlight the awesomeness, and help yourself get likes.

It offers information and support

According to University of Southern California study, a group of adults were made to listen to two nutrition and fitness podcasts every week, while the other group was made to listen to the podcasts, reported their workouts and connected with other participants on Twitter. Surprising, it turns out that every 10 tweets corresponded to a .5-percent weight loss, which lead researchers to believe that Twitter could be highly useful in losing weight.

So, it’s about time that you should consider being more active on social networking web sites more often, if weight loss is on your mind.

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