Want Well Toned Hips? Try These Two Simple Yoga Poses

It is always good to invest a little more in your body as how much you invest in your body amounts to a healthier and longer life. Here are a few of the yoga asanas to get toned hips, thighs and glutes:

Nirlamba Supta Pawan Muktasana

It is a hip-trimmer variation of a classic pose.


  • Lie on your back. Inhale
  • Exhaling, fold legs at knee, hugging them
  • Release hands, but keep folded knees up. You may place palms flat on the ground, alongside the body
  • Gently liftoff hips, so it is a few inches off the floor. Hold for as long as you can. Do thrice
  • Later include this in between every set of other exercises, to intensify its hip-trimming and thigh-slimming effects

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Utkatasana (Chair Squat)

Another variation of a classic pose, modified to use wall support so you can hold it for longer, to accrue benefits from it like leg- toning. Holding it longer accentuates its effect as a complete body workout.


  • Stand up straight against the wall
  • Inhale, raising hands overhead clasping them together in a namaste gesture
  • Exhaling, slowly lower yourself in a squat, sliding against the wall. On the first few attempts; do not squat too low, especially if you have a weak back. Go only as low as you can
  • Stop and press your back against the wall. Legs will be bent at knees
  • Soles will be flat on the ground. Breathe and hold for as long as you can
  • Relax to starting position. Repeat thrice. It is a complete body-toner, especially wearing out fat in trouble spots like back of the thighs, inside of thighs, inner legs, sides of waist and inner arms

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