Reduce Stress with Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga comprises of 26 yoga asanas that serve as a powerful antidote to stress. Most health and emotional problems are caused due to chronic stress. And, Bikram yoga energises the  mind and the body, reduces stress and imparts a holistic feeling.

Stress can be effectively managed through a series of breathing exercises developed under Yoga. Health clubs in big cities to small towns offer yoga classes to teach breathing techniques, meditation andcorrect postures. Read the following guidelines to reduce stress with Bikram Yoga:

  • Practice Bikram Yoga to increase the movement of oxygenated blood throughout your body.
  • Regular practice of these strenuous exercises can help lower heart rates, lower blood pressures, lower levels of cholesterol, and will help you sleep well at night. .
  • Through Bikram yoga, cortisol hormone or stress hormone  is expelled from of the body.  It also allowssuperior functioning of the lymphatic system that flushes out the toxins from the blood stream and rejuvenates the body..  Henceforth, before and after each session, it is advisable to drink plenty of water.
  • In a sequential order, each yoga asana is designed to release tension in muscles and the mind. Body is made to relax by stimulating the pressure points.
  • The controlled breathing exercises of Bikram yoga such as pranayam and kapalbhati enhance concentration and focus.  Bikram Yoga teaches how to breathe and remain calm in strenuous situations. Prefer full, cleansing breaths as deep breathing is more powerful in countering stress. The breathing exercises are  perfect to release tension, eliminate stress, and relax and promote sound sleep.
  • Meditation included in Bikram Yoga is also highly effective in releasing everyday stress and making you calmer. Bikram Yoga also teaches how to focus on the current moment.. This helps you get rid of anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions.

When you start practicing Bikram yoga, ensure that the room temperature is 40 degree celcius and the ambience is conducive to practicing yoga.

Bikram yoga is the perfect relaxation technique to reduce stress, derive better mental clarity. By practicing it regularly, you can encourage spiritual, physical and psychological rejuvenation.

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