Gaining Weight? Potato Chips are to Be Blamed!

Ladies, your worst nightmare is true. A recent study on diet plans and weight management has concluded that potato chips are to be blamed for weight gain. Conducted by Harvard University scientists, the aim of the study was to find out the impact of diet in weight management. It has been seen that more than exercise, diet basics have a telling effect on body weight.

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For the study, experts monitored the lifestyle of 120,877 people. The similarities between all these people were that they were health professionals and had no problems such as obesity. For 2 decades, their weight was measured every 4 years and they were also requested to detail their diet plans. Upon calibrating the research findings, it was found that potato chips had the lion’s share when it came to contributing to weight gain. People who exercised lost 2 pounds in 4 years and the ones, who didn’t gain up to 4 pounds. On an average, every individual tracked in the survey gained about 17 pounds in the duration of 2 decades.

Researchers are of the opinion that the choices we make when it comes to food, seals out fate. Healthy eating is the key to controlling weight. And we must avoid savouries such as potato chips because might look harmless but they are actually loaded with unhealthy fat that can take years to shed off. Nuts and yoghurt are being tipped as the best snacking options as they control weight and can also help in shedding some of those extra pounds!

Potato chips contribute to those extra pounds that you are piling up. Therefore, the next time you open a bag of chips happy that they have to transfats or added MSG, think twice!

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