Popular condiments that can ruin your health and body shape

Condiments make bland food taste good and good eatables items even better.  But can also be an opposite of a nutritious meal. Frequent doses of the harmful ingredients present in them can have a bad biological effect. Here are some common condiments that can spoil your health.



Mayonnaise is a common item that comes loaded with fats, but not the type that benefits the body. Mayonnaise mostly is made with GMO soybean oil that is harmful in nature and these type of oils are highly processed that can wreak chaos in the body at a cellular level. This can lead to diabetes, obesity, reproductive disorder and even heart problems.


Most of the bottled ketchups in the market contain High fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The ketchup basically consists of water, overcooked tomatoes and large quantity of sugar which makes it a genetically engineered corn syrup. Some brands add natural flavoring which in reality is a flavor enhancing chemical. One tablespoon of ketchup contains 4 grams of sugar and people in general end up consuming more than the required amount. Along with sodium and high dose of flavor enhancers, it doesn’t take much to exceed the daily fructose limit of 25 grams.

Salad dressing

Almost all salad dressing you buy are bad for your health. They regular dressings are high on fat and sugar while the fat free ones are stuffed with even more sugar. Although they come with some healthy ingredients like olive oil, but the down side is that these ingredients are very low. Some also have high dosage of soybean oil which mostly harms your body.

Barbeque and steak sauce

BBQ sauce majorly is a mixture of brown sugar and ketchup. These sauce generally have no nutritional value and some meat sauce contain a verity of agents and dyes that shouldn’t be in the food.

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