Best strategies for a quick weight gain

Wondering about quickest weight gain strategies? People might argue that one can lose weight quickly, but weight gain takes time. Familiarising with weight gain objective and setting practical goals is essential. The goal is simple, ‘consume more calories than you burn’.  The weight gain objective should be healthy body weight gain, not getting obese. Knowing the objective will also help you structure dietary plan and make lifestyle changes for a quick weight gain.

Weight Gain Tips

If you are keen for a quick weight gain, consider the strategies and tips mentioned below.

Frequent but healthy eating

Three meals a day is the least. You can also make a diet chart comprising more meals, but make sure that you are consuming 500 calories every day to foresee healthy weight gain in no time. If you’re unsure about your caloric need as per activity level, diet chart should be structured after consulting a nutritionist. If you’ve busy schedule that you can’t have more than three meals a day, ensure that you never miss breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fruit juices and calorie-laden smoothies will help you add calories besides managing metabolic activity.

Pies and snacks

After meals, have calorie-rich desserts. A slice of pie, cake, milkshake with cream, ice cream, and protein powder desserts are all high in calories. Similarly, snacks are good options, which include nuts, granola, peanut and dried fruits. Healthy snacking between meals will balance out calories, proteins, and fats to help you gain weight.

Carbohydrates for building muscle mass

Carbohydrates foods are ideal for building muscle mass and maintain it, almost like a fuel for healthy weight gain. Multigrain and whole-grain carbohydrate foods along with sauces, spreads or dips will fill you will ample energy to work out for a healthy weight gain. For example, one can have toast with jam and peanut butter, pasta with creamy sauces or oatmeal with milk.


To gain weight quickly, you need to do intensive resistance and weight training exercises. Engagement in physical activities is the key for long-term weight gain, which helps you shape up muscle mass. Intensive training helps you improve muscle mass and strength along with accomplishing your weight gain objective.

Complying with above mentioned strategies is not as easy as it seems, it requires consistent effort and dedication. If you’re having problems to structure regimen for quick weight loss, ask for the assistance of your dietician.

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