Fats Can Be Good for your Health

Include Healthy Fats in your Weight Loss Diet

Many people are still inclined to think that all fats are bad and they are a strict no-no when it comes to a weight loss diet. They would insist on cutting fats from their diet as much as possible. But is that the correct way of managing your weight loss diet or having a healthy diet? Fats are an important source of a healthy diet because they aid in absorption of vitamins, minerals, and also provide nutrition for the functioning of the liver, lungs, bones, heart, bones and nervous system.


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Importance of fats in your diet


It is usually believed that fats means bad stuff for your health. It is looked down upon as a substance that does no good and can only lead to obesity and related medical conditions such as heart disease. But this is true only so far as trans fats and other unhealthy forms of fats are concerned. However, they are various healthy forms of fat too which are essential for your health.


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Coconut oil, natural lard, and butter from grass-fed animals contain fats that are good for your health. In a conference on Healthy Flavors in Napa, California, various epidemiologists and nutritionists attended and they encouraged their audience to give up the idea of low-fat food as being all good. They emphasised the benefit of consuming healthy fats.


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Saturated fats are healthy


The presenters of this conference were correct in stating that refined carbohydrates and processed salts are unhealthy, but not for their assessment of healthy fats. They went on to state that saturated fats are less healthy and that they can raise the level of cholesterol. They also said that unsaturated fats are the healthiest type of fats.


But it has been proved that saturated fats are healthy and it is a myth to believe that they can be unhealthy. Saturated fats in naturally occuring foods such as coconut oil, dairy from animals who have been grass-fedwith products such as butter and cheese are actually helpful in maintaining health of organs and the complete body.


Thus, it is important for people looking to lose weight to avoid the bandwagon of “low-fat healthy diet” and choose your foods wisely. As all fats are not bad, you need to be conscious of picking out the healthy ones but still manage your calories when consuming them. The point to be emphasised is that it is important to have fats despite your aim of weight loss.


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