How to Lose Weight off Your Backside

How to Lose Weight off Your Backside

Backside, especially butt muscles is one of the largest muscles of the body. Toning of the backside muscles along with other muscles helps one build a strong and lean lower body. There are innumerable ways to get rid of extra muscle accumulated around your lower back and butt. Exercise regimens involving glutes such as strength and cardio training exercises are considered ideal for losing weight off backside.


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Moreover, one needs to follow a weight loss diet plan or a healthy dietary regimen to affect weight loss. Burning more calories than what one consumes is the simple rule to contributing to the cause of weight loss. Therefore, plan your overall calorie structure for the next few months. Incorporate healthy foods in your diet chart so that you remain full of energy throughout the day in spite of limiting caloric intake.


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Mentioned below are few cardio, strength and weight exercises that will help you lean your backside by shaping your glutes and hips.

Squats: The ideal exercise for toning butt and thighs, squats is also a strength exercise that renders strength for performing daily activities.

: Lunges work on several muscles simultaneously including glutes. On the front leg, practitioner works the hamstrings and glutes whereas on the other leg, he/she works on the calves and quads. You may choose from various types such as static lunges, low lunges, one-legged lunge, side-to-side lunges and sliding lunges.

Step Ups: It is an effective exercise to tone the glutes. You may select among side step ups, crossover step ups and resistance band step ups.

Hip Extensions: Hip extensions are ideal for losing weight off the butts as it involves more muscle groups of hips and adjacent areas. It is considered among the best hip-toning exercises as it targets the gluteus.

One-Legged Deadlifts: Deadlifts are an effective exercise to shape the hamstrings, butt and lower back. The exercise is usually done in tandem with other strength or weight exercises to stabilise the muscles and add intensity to the exercise. The exercise is either performed with balance or on the ball.

Hiking: It is another effective way to increase the activities of the glutes and effect in weight loss off your backside. For hiking, you need ample energy, which will be burned while running up the hills. Working out on a treadmill is an alternate to hiking up the hills.

Running: Running has innumerable health benefits that include easy exercise of muscles, stress relief and toning of the backside muscles. Sprints and biking are other options to burn plenty of calories and to tighten the backside.


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