Eat an Apple to Lose Weight

Apple to Lose WeightWith advancement in technology and medical ways of trimming down fat, the natural resources have been put to waste. For all that you spend to go under the knife, there is a much more natural way to lose weight: eating apple. Having an apple before mealtime helps in lowering calorie intake while dining. A health magazine Appetite said that consuming an apple before lunch decreases calorie ingestion by 15% at meal.

A study proved that those, who ate an apple before lunch, ingested over 185 calories less during their meal. Following such a light diet helped them shed 1.5 pounds a month and over 20 pounds a year. In fact, if you eat an apple before dinner, you will double your chances of losing fat quickly.

Be mindful of what you eat even if it has been mentioned in the simplest of language that eating ‘apple’ leads to weight loss. Products made out of apple do not count as apple. Therefore, avoid candied apples, spiced apple cake, apple juice and apple pie. Must you nosh on these apple products, do not complain when you gain more fat. Apples contain very few calories; a medium-sized apple will have only 70 calories and therefore, you can munch on as many apples as you want without having to worry about putting on weight. Besides, apples contain a high amount of pectin, which improves digestion.

Here is more on how you can reduce weight by accommodating the apple diet

  • Eat at least 3 apples a day. If need be, eat more on some days. If you dump your snacks at the rear of the fridge and put apples in the front, you will do yourself a big favour.
  • If at some point you feel like eating unhealthy snacks, stack your fridge with more apples. Initially, you may find it difficult to compensate for lip-smacking, but unhealthy snacks though overtime you will get used to it.

If you eat apples consistently for a few weeks, you will lose a few pounds by the end of the month. Imagine having your dream to lose weight come true within a month. Wow!


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