How to Calculate Weight Loss %

How to Calculate Weight Loss percentage

Losing excess weight is always a challenge, though it is rewarding in the end. Calculating weight loss percentage is an impressive way to see where you stand in terms of an ideal BMI or what you must do to achieve it.  A fascinating aspect of calculating weight loss percentage is that it is as easy as calculating any percentage and requires basic math. Here are instructions to help you calculate the percentage of weight lost:


Things you need:

  • Weight before loss.
  • Current weight.
  • Calculator.


Instructions to Calculate Weight Loss %

  1. Note your weight before the weight loss program and your current weight on a paper.
  2. Deduct your current weight from the weight at which you started. The outcome is the total number of kilos you have lost since you started your weight loss program.
  3. Divide the number of lost kilos by your starting weight. For example, if you lost 10 kilos and your weight in the beginning was 100 kilos, divide 10 by 100 and the outcome will be .10.
  4. To get the overall percentage, place the decimal place in the outcome over two places to the right. For example, move the decimal from in front of .10 to behind it or to its right, which will make it  10 percent. This 10% is your weight loss percentage.

Alternative Method- to calculate your weight loss percentage, multiply .10 with 100. The answer will be 10 percent.

How much Weight Loss % is Healthy?

There is no such healthy weight loss % because it varies in every person and depends on his/her weight and health conditions. For obese or overweight people, even modest weight loss such as 5 to 12 % of body weight can prevent the risk of blood pressure (hypertension), blood cholesterol, heart attack and diabetes.




Please keep in mind that calculation of weight loss percentage also includes the muscles you have lost whereas it is the body fat you want to lose, not the muscle. Therefore, to know how healthy you are after following a weight loss plan, calculate how much body fat you have lost.

Benefits of Weight Loss %

Weight loss percentage is a reality check that tells you whether the efforts you have put in are reaping benefits or not. Your weight loss % also motivates you to lose more and give an idea of what it will take to meet your ideal weight. It may be better that you focus on the percentage of weight lost than your current weight, which you want to reduce further.


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