How to Lose Weight & Fat for Men

How to Lose Weight

Being obese is no gift, rather a hazard preying on your health. Carrying excessive fat makes your body vulnerable to various health ailments. Some of the health risks associated with extra weight are heart diseases, stroke, cancer and type-2 diabetes. Women get extra fat all over the body, whereas men put on weight around the waist. In order to avoid such health concerns arising due to weight and fat, one should workout to get rid of excess body fat.

Generally, men have extra fat around stomach, lower back, chest and legs. The fundamentals helping men lose weight along with fat are adherence to specific diet plan, lower-calorie foot consumption and engagement in physical training. Compliance with this schedule will transform fat into muscles along with reduction of weight.

Physical Training

Consistent physical training schedule is the foremost factor to lose weight and fat. Select physical exercises along with workout activities and adhere to them on a daily basis. Other than specific training, bring in more physical activity everyday like walk after meals, shooting hoops, run with the dog, engaging in games / sports. Such a schedule ascertains loss of fat and toning of body muscles. Other benefit of muscle building is maintaining metabolism during a restricted calorie diet. Commitment to physical training keeps health hazards at bay.

Structuring Diet Plan

In the quest to reduce fat and weight, one needs to reduce daily calories by structuring a diet plan. Choose small servings and foods lower in calories for the food schedule. More and more vegetables and fruits should be part of the diet plan. Protein sources like eggs and fish should be preferred over meat or cheese. Non-fibrous foods such as white bread, desserts and processed foods should be eliminated from the diet. Whole grains provide ample energy; therefore, these should be swapped with potatoes and white bread.

Tracking Progress

For heading in the right direction, be consistent with the set schedules. Tracking progress will allow you to see a change in your condition.

Cut down on Alcohol

If you are an alcoholic, limit yourself to two drinks a day. Alcohol is one of the causes of increasing belly fat, which is referred as ‘beer belly’. Alcohol reduction not only reduces caloric intake, but also ascertain your healthy being.


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