Lose Weight with Combination Diet

Lose Weight with Combination Diet

Losing weight with combination diet is one of the prominent dietary techniques. This technique is counted among the best as far as improving wellness is concerned. In the process, achieving adequate weight and maintaining health are foremost agendas. These aspects are achieved choosing foodstuffs wisely and restricting caloric intake.

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Combination diet for weight loss is not necessary, but one could obtain benefits with wise food selection and improving dietary habits. However, consultation of dietician is advised before going for any weight loss diet plan programme.

Combination Diet Meal Plan Approach

Food combining diet means eating two of the main macronutrients, proteins and carbohydrates at separate meals. One might find it difficult to structure a combination diet meal plan, as guidelines need to be followed for correct implementation. Dieticians or food combining method experts recommend separation of macronutrients that helps in digestion and weight loss.

Food Combining Diet

  1. Starch: Starch foods like potatoes and bread should never be accompanied with protein-rich foods such as meat, fruits and fish. However, starch food options can be combined with vegetables or steamed veggies.
  2. Fats: Fat is another essential component of any diet plan. Fat-rich foods can be consumed along proteins and vegetables. However, these should be avoided with starch rich food options or fruit and protein sources. Dairy products, especially fat-rich milk, should be consumed alone.
  3. Protein Foods: Protein-rich meal might include grilled chicken, vegetables and olive oil. However, fried preparations should be avoided for maintaining streamlined metabolic function. Protein rich foodstuffs should be consumed in a gap of five-six hours. Eat fresh meat and eggs, but avoid processed protein-foods.
  4. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates should be consumed within a space of three to four hours. Fruit, major source of carbohydrates, should be eaten alone.

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Benefits of Combination Diet Meal Plans

  1. Food combination diet not only improves wellness, but also keeps a tab on weight.
  2. Helps in reducing caloric intake in order to ensure healthier body by conscientious food selection.
  3. Ensures better digestion and sourcing more energy with consumption of nutritious food stuffs.
  4. It reduces feeling of deprivation as you enjoy different meals at the same time, like protein and starch, chicken and sandwiches, rice with fish, cereal with milk and many more.

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