Steps to Lose Weight by Not Eating Meat

Man eating saladEating ample meat in the dietary schedule gives you ample calories, catalyzing weight gain. On the other hand, exclusion of meat from the diet or reduction of meat helps in losing weight. A health survey was conducted by BBC of 400,000 people of various origins, which also concluded that meat consumption is directly related to weight gain. Therefore, in order to reduce weight, one must swap meat snacks/meals with healthier options.

Moreover, putting an end to meat consumption and reducing it saves you from the dangers of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stones, heart diseases and many more health hazards. Whereas, several heath related studies have underlined the benefits of healthier options over meat, which include fruits and vegetables. An apt vegetarian diet plan delivers more nutritional benefits. Vegetarian diet encompasses more vitamins and minerals along with other essential nutrimental elements (dietary fibre and vitamins A, C, E) that meats lack. Some of the studies also suggest the correlation between vegan diets and lower body weight.



1. Make a food chart that has various food options, so that absence of meat is not felt. One can also start with reducing the amount of meat to lose weight. Thereafter, replace meat with healthier vegetarian substitutes in the everyday regimen.
2. Don’t bring home meat. If there is any meat in your house, you are likely to consume it when hunger strikes.
3. Processed meat such as sausages, hamburgers, ham and bacon should be eliminated from the diet plan. These are high in salt and fat, which if not restricted, triggers weight gain.
4. Keep in mind that cheese and buttered bread are high-fat products, damage of which will be exactly the same. Healthier foods must be preferred over any fatty snacks.
5. Soy-based products can be the substitutes to bacon and chicken, having a similar taste and flavour. Oily and spicy snacks should be avoided in order to lose weight.
6. In case you cannot resist meat, go for fish or poultry as these contain low quantity of saturated fat quantity in comparison to red meat.
7. Instead munching on fatty snacks, go for vegetarian sausages and burgers.

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