Things you need to know about water therapy for weight loss

Since time immemorial, water therapy has been considered the most natural and inexpensive way to lose weight. Moreover, losing weight through a proper hydration method and regular exercise will also prevent and even reverse premature ageing.


In the process of dehydration, a lot of fat gets collected and subsequently stored in the body. This is a major complication. It is caused when the body’s sensation of thirst is confused with the sensation of hunger. Therefore, instead of drinking water, the person eats. As a result, when the system actually requires clean energy from water, but instead of that receives dirty energy from food intake, only 20 per cent of this energy is used. Unless fat is burnt by way of an activity or any kind of an exercise regime, the rest of the energy from food is stored in the form of fat.

The good thing about water intake is that since it is the primary source of clean energy any excess is passed out in the form of urine. Fat that has deposited due to excessive food intake, on the other hand, has to be burnt through many steps until it is converted into carbon dioxide and passed out in the lungs. It is important to note that this does not imply that one has to starve himself in order to lose weight. It is just that while eating to lose weight, one will have to also consider all the benefits of drinking water to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

In order to understand how to lose weight with water, one should also consider that water is the main solvent for all foods, including vitamins and minerals that are taken in by the system. Hence, it is used in breaking down the food into smaller particles and their metabolism and assimilation.

Another very vital factor to keep in mind is that the process of storing fat in the body is very much directly related to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Thus,

  • Drinking water will dilute the blood acidity, thereby restoring the body’s pH balance
  • Water also helps in flushing out the toxins from the blood and intestines.

Dehydration in the body causes damage to the liver and its numerous essential functions. It is important to protect the liver since it supplies many of the most vital elements in the body. It is also the centre for detoxification of chemical by-products of the body. It is, therefore, essential to learn the way to drink water so as to lose weight.

  • Try not to gulp the water down. Drink it slowly since drinking the water too fast can just shock the body.
  • Water should be taken in about eight to sixteen ounce portions spaced throughout the day.
  • One must prefer drinking water at room temperature instead of opting for extremely cold or hot water.
  • Drink water before meals – about half an hour before you start eating – because it prepares the digestive track for the meal.
  • Drink the water two and a half hours after the meal so as to complete the process of digestion and correct the dehydration caused by food breakdown.
  • First thing in the morning, drink some lurkwarm water . This will correct dehydration produced during sleep, and flush the toxins out.

Water suppresses a person’s appetite. But that is not the point. One must eat in order to get the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, vitamins and minerals required by the human system. Use water in the way detailed above to lose weight.

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