Workouts to Lose Weight around Thighs

Workouts to Lose Weight around Thighs

Losing weight at the lower body parts is tougher as compared to mid-section. It is not easy to pick spots for shedding the pounds but there are certain exercises that can influence the muscles and weight of your thighs. You need to workout at least 30 minutes daily to get results within a month.

The following are some exercises most suitable for reducing weight around your thighs:

  • According to American College of Sports Medicine, performing cardiovascular exercises for 30 minutes to an hour daily would result in significant weight loss. Include resistance training for your thighs in order to increase lean muscle and burn fat in the body. Do around 20 repetitions of each exercise while keeping 12 as the lower limit. Keep the weights manageable, i.e. challenging but not draining.
  • Step ups are one of the best exercises for losing weight around the thighs, buttocks and calves. You will need a platform or bench for performing the step ups that can hold the weight of your body. Start with a step as low as 4 inches and gradually progress to a complete 90 degree bend at your hip and knee. The higher you step, the more will be the intensity of your exercise. Put your right foot on the step keeping the arms down. Push through the right foot and raise your body from the ground until the right leg is straight. Lower your body to come in the normal position. This completes one repetition.
  • Jump a rope three or four times a week. Do not up the pace of your rope workout from one of jogging with alternate steps. Bend your knees slightly to keep the impact low and never bend your back during the entire process as that can really hurt your back. You can start to jump with both legs if practice builds up.
  • Squats are one of the best exercises for toning up your thighs, buttocks and calves. You can add to the intensity of the workout by holding a barbell or dumbbell while performing. Keep your feet as far apart as your shoulders with toes pointing ahead. Bend slowly as though looking to sit in a chair while keeping the chest straight and eyes looking straight. Bend till your knees are parallel to the floor and stop for a few seconds. Now, press at your heels to come back to normal standing position. This makes one repetition. You should perform at least 10.


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