Don’t do this if you are trying to lose weight

Some people get carried away in strive to lose weight. As a result they end up doing potentially dangerous things without thinking about consequences. Meal skipping, eliminating food groups from your diet, completely relying on diet supplements and weighing yourself again and again is some of the behaviours that can cause serious health consequences.

Here is what you must not do to lose weight:

Avoid supplements and over-the-counter diet pills

Nowadays, there are many readymade products and pills that promise magical weight loss. Remember if something is too good to be believed than your instincts may probably be correct. Diet pills concoctions and supplements that make grand promises are unlikely to be effective and safe.

Never starve

One of the common mistakes that people do to lose weight is starving. However, this is not the healthy way to get rid of body fat. When your daily calorie intake goes below 1,200 your body will start to struggle to meet the nutrition needs for day to day activities.

Severely cutting down on the calories may take toll on your muscles and most people end up regaining the weight.

Don’t skip meals

To lose weight you must never skip meals instead decrease the portion size and keep check on your calorie intake. Replace your high calorie food with healthy food that includes food from all the food groups (wheat grains, dairy products, fruits and vegetables). 

If you are not able to control the portion size then drink a glass of water half an hour before having your meal.

Don’t do spot exercises

Another thing that you must not do is spot training. Spot exercises are done with the logic that they will burn fat from the target area. But our body works in opposite manner. Body store fat in the form of layers you can burn fat layer by layer. By targeting only the abdominal you may develop a bulgy stomach. Wondering how? By exercising you are strengthening your body muscles, this will enlarge your abdominal muscles and push out the fat layer.

Don’t opt for cleansing and detox plans

Cleansing and detox plans are not meant to aid weight loss. Cleansing is not helpful to deal with body fat. By the process of cleansing you get impression of weight loss as your body gets rid of unnecessary toxins, water and stool. There are some dangerous consequences of detox plans, it can lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Keep in mind that when you lose weight quickly, you tend to pack it back on with more fat and less muscle, which lowers your metabolism and calorie needs.

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