Effectiveness of Weight Loss Programs

Effectiveness of weight loss programs

Weight loss programs still stand very complicated because many diet plans are result oriented while some are not. These often leave many obese people in doubt as to what an ideal and an effective weight loss program would be. While modern medicine is always developing and being researched upon, the basics always come down to what not to eat!

So where does the problem lie? It is widely accepted and known that people suffering from obesity are twice as likely to get diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and experience a higher death rate. For some of these, the weight loss programs actually help in terms of shedding that cellulite over a period of time. For the rest, an effective weight loss program still remains as a fad. A false or an ineffective weight loss program would be one where the product or the program package is sold entirely on the basis of advertisements and other commercial modes of selling. Visual results often appeal people the most and nearly everyone fall for it. On the other hand, the genuine ones are scientific, certified and highly-result oriented. In the second case, the effectiveness of weight loss programs will only be fruitful if the program is followed diligently and rigorously. People failing to do so, obviously find losing weight as a difficult job.

However, one must also realise that the effectiveness of these weight loss programs fail to work in synchronisation with the body mass index primarily because of two reasons:


  • The patient wanting to reduce weight has a very individualistic and a distinct Body Mass Index that is unlike anybody else. Adopting readymade models for weight loss available in the market therefore, becomes an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Apart from that, one must maintain and practice a lot of safety measures while following these diet plans. This is because many obese people are either diabetic or are suffering from high blood pressure. Crash dieting or a noticeable drop in the consumption of food per day might affect the insulin levels in the body. This is precisely why a doctor’s periodic advice is required. The doctor would monitor the blood sugar levels and suggest if any changes are required in the medicine dosages. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this aspect.


Another prime reason that determines the effectiveness of weight loss programs is the patient’s ability to stick to it till the end. Many people drop out of the programs seeing they have lost a few extra pounds initially and at times, unconsciously, drop out of the program without even noticing it. This causes a major setback as people quitting mid way helps them gain weight very quickly.
Following expensive diet plans and strictly following the regimen are amongst other factors that determine the effectiveness of weight loss programs.


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