Walking helps You lose Weight

Walking helps you lose WeightWalking enthusiasts would tell you how enjoyable they find the exercise. The best part is you do not need to spend a penny and would still be able to lose weight. It does not require you to make any preparations other than psyching yourself up for it. It can be the best gift that you ever give to yourself if you find a way to make walking enjoyable. It does require you to have endurance and dedication for sticking to it for some time.


How to Make Walking Challenging Enough to Result in Weight Loss


Walking 10000 steps daily is a challenge that you should aim at. If that seems too tiresome at first, start by 2000 steps but make sure that you are going in the right direction with your schedule. You should try to find ways to make walking enjoyable. The best way of doing this is of course to find a scenic location nearby and revel in walking there.


You may or may not invest in a pedometer to track your progress as you cross the threshold of step counts one after another. Keeping one with you would help to know the distance you have covered and your speed of walking.


Plan to Walk Your Way to Health

Learn how to get started with your walking exercise programme and stick to it.


  1. Wear footwear that can withstand the wear and tear of long walks and more importantly, feel comfortable to your feet all through the distance. You may not want to buy specific walking shoes at this stage. Leave that for the time when you start to enjoy your daily drills.
  2. For people completely averse to physical exertion, the aim of 10000 steps may not be practicable at first. They can keep a simple aim of 10 minutes thrice a week. This would register as total in pedometer of around 6000 steps. This is ideal for a beginner.
  3. Thinks of fresh and enjoyable ideas to take a walk. Cover distance between two malls on foot or visit your friend by walking. Get rid of the habit of using your car for each and every outing.
  4. Keep an alternate plan for walking at home if weather does not permit going out. Do not allow it to become an excuse for skipping your scheduled exercise. Whether it is brisk walking in the garden or pacing up and down in the staircase, stick to the routine of exerting the body.

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