Wheat Debate about losing Weight

Wheat Debate about losing Weight

Imagine going through life without ever having any food made from wheat. If a doctor-turned-author from USA, William Davis is to be believed, we should do just that. According to him, the kind of wheat that we get these days, even if it is whole grain, is not conducive for good health. This is because it leads to type 1 diabetes by increasing insulin resistance and leptin resistance.

Since wheat is a staple diet in most countries, even as diverse as India and the US, it would be difficult for most people to even consider it. But Dr. Davis insists that whole grain bread that we eat should not be considered as wholesome as it was around 50 years ago. This is because it has undergone countless genetic manipulations over the years and the beneficial gluten proteins found in the wheat these days, is much different from that found even in the 1960s.

The modern wheat contains a type of sugar called amylopectin, which is responsible for accumulation of visceral fat in the body that is visible as the deep fat encircling organs. Moreover, a bio-engineered protein has been introduced in the new variety of wheat called gliadin protein. It makes people crave more for wheat after stimulating appetite. Thus, Dr. Davis is convinced that going without wheat for a month will help people find mental clarity, better sleep, relief from joint pain, better intestines, and better waistline.

Some nutritionists in Mumbai are not entirely dismissive of Davis’s research but do not approve of his advice. According to Noorie Gada, a sports nutritionist, more than eliminating something entirely, it is important to know when to eat what and stick to it. Timing your meal is a better idea when looking to lose weight along with having a balanced diet.

Naturopathy practitioner Sejal Vora agrees with Davis but contends that normal salt and oil are much more harmful than eating wheat more than necessary. Even Vora does not agree that it is the right idea to drop weight completely from your diet, and adds that our body is likely to show withdrawal symptoms if we simply give up one of our staple diets. You can have wheat in moderation along with other grains. Moreover, having whole wheat and staying away from the unhealthy white wheat products (such as maida and rava), would ensure that you get good nutrition. The bottom line is that you need to take a balanced diet.


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