How does apple help in weight loss?

How does Apple Help in Weight LossAs apples are low in calories, sodium, glycemic index and rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals as well as fibre, they can play a important role in your weight loss program.

  • The fibre content of apples expands during digestion, thereby leaving less room for other foods in the stomach.
  • Being low in sodium, apples prevent water retention by flushing excess water from the body.
  • A storehouse of multivitamins, consumption of apples will add abundance to your vigour and vitality. With an enhanced vitality, you can burn more calories and expedite your weight loss plan.
  • Also, the high water content of apples will keep you well-hydrated and significantly reduce odd-hour food cravings.

Apples are also known to contain certain enzymes that assist in efficient food digestion and ensure overall good health.



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