How to Lose Weight without Exercise

Weight lossWeight loss is all about managing calories. We all know that diet and exercise plays a significant role in managing them. You need not be disappointed if your schedule does not allow you to exercise. Here are some of the ways to lose weight without exercise:


Know your Calorie Requirement

Keep track of your calorie intake. Calories give energy to your body. All the body organs such as digestive system, lungs and heart require energy to work. The amount of energy needed for these functioning of body is called basal metabolic rate.

The person who has sedentary lifestyle burns about 2000 calories on daily basis. If you take more than the required calories then they are stored in body for later usage. These extra calories are stored in the form of fat. If a person keeps on consuming more and more calories, extra fat will be accumulated.

If you want to lose weight without exercise then keep a check on your calories and know basal metabolic rate of your body. You can take help of online calculators for basal metabolic rate. Know how much calorie you need and eat accordingly.


Calorie Intake


Ones you know the calories requirement of your body. Take note of the number of calories you are consuming on daily basis. The calorie content of food and drinks that you consume must be noted.

Make sure that your calorie intake is not higher than your calorie requirement. In order to lose weight the calorie intake must be slightly lower than required.

Here are some of the ways to lose weight without exercise:


  • Pay attention to your body. When do you eat and what food you like to eat.
  • When you eat without hunger you are likely to gain weight. Find out when actually you feel hungry.
  • Don’t eat only to avoid boredom. Try to keep yourself busy until you are actually hungry.
  • Don’t eat just because your friends and colleagues choose certain time to eat. 
  • Eat only to the point when you feel that you are no longer hungry. Don’t keep on eating till you can. Eat slowly and give yourself time to sense your hunger level.
  • Protein is good for weight loss regime. Eat lean proteins such as low fat cottage, fish, cheese and chicken.
  • Increase intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They will increase your metabolism and fill you up.
  • Add monounsaturated fats to your diet, they have been clinically proven to burn fat. Avocados, walnuts, olives and flax seed are some of the sources of monounsaturated food.


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