How to Lose Weight without Pills

How to lose weight without pills

Losing weight to get a fit and toned body is a dream of many people, and some of them fall prey to the easy weight loss promise of diet pills. Not only are such pills ineffective in what they promise, but also bring about a host of diseases such as high blood pressure, develop dependency, cause heart diseases and seriously disrupt your metabolism. It may not be easy to lose weight but taking diet pills will only worsen the situation, hence the question remains the same how to lose weight without pills?


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Guidelines for Weight Loss Without Pills


  • Keep calorie intake count – You need to keep a count of your daily calorie intake. Endure the slow process painstakingly because you can be sure of better results than simply resorting to pills. Aim at decreasing your daily calorie intake by 500. You may want to stick 2000 calories daily if you are inactive, even 2500 calories of daily intake can keep you fit.
  • Choose healthy foods over Unhealthy Ones – One example of this is having salad with spices rather than French fries. Similarly, whole wheat food items, fruits and vegetables, juices and yoghurts should replace burgers, pizzas, sodas and all foodstuffs loaded with empty calories.


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  • Burn out your calories – Depending on the amount of calories you want burned, choose the exercise or exercises. If overweight by 100 pounds, half an hour of brisk walk is recommended. If looking to shed 5 pounds, aerobics, weight training or jogging will be needed.
  • Your food should get all the nutrients – Fresh fruits and vegetables are the way to go. You may also keep a diet chart with details of the nutrient value in each fruit. Taking calories from fruits give you many vitamins and minerals that help you lose weight by having a positive impact on the metabolism and other body functions.
  • Stick to your routine – It is important that you follow suit on your weight loss programme. If you slack for even 2 days, it is going to put you off. In case you have something important to do, include some additional activities the next day to make sure you lose the same amount of calories.


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  • Change your lifestyle – It is time to live healthy! Take stairs instead of elevators, go for morning or evening walks, enjoy taking a stroll in your garden, ride a bicycle and plan interesting outdoor activities. You may also join a Yoga class to relieve stress as even that is a factor in weight gain.


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