Artificial nails: Can they harm real nails? Know the do’s and don’ts

Artificial nails are the best and the quickest solution to get long nails. They definitely add oomph to your style statement. You can choose from endless shapes, designs and vibrant colours. Some women prefer them on special occasions whereas others get them done regularly. 

Artificial nails are very popular because they last a long time, they are hard to break and almost every colour looks good on long nails. On the other hand, they can harm the natural nails. They can cause infections and can be very uncomfortable at first. Maintenance is key to keeping your artificial nails intact.

Pros and cons of artificial nails


  • They will help you to get rid of bad habit of chewing nails
  • They are hard to break 
  • If one of them breaks they can be fixed easily
  • There are various options in size, shape and colour to choose from


  • They can damage your natural nail underneath
  • Application of artificial nails involves the use of strong chemicals, which can cause allergy to some women
  • They require regular refilling, which can be expensive
  • They are uncomfortable at times and can cause inconvenience

Read on to know the do’s and dont’s of artificial nails. 

Keep your nails healthy

Since artificial nails increase the length of your nails, dirt can enter into them very easily. You should clean them regularly. You can use a soft bristle brush to clean the dirt. Make a routine to clean your nails daily. 

Stick to one manicurist

Once you are satisfied with your nail technician, you should stick to him or her only. This will help them know your nails and their concerns better. You should also make sure that all the tools used are sterilized before the process to avoid infection.

Keep your nails dry

After washing your hands, dry your nails properly. Leaving your hands wet can act as a breeding ground for bacteria to spread infection. 

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Oil your nails

Dry nails can break easily, use different types of oils to keep them healthy. Olive oil offers various benefits to nails. You can apply olive oil to your nails before sleeping.

Apply lotion regularly

Moisturise in between the fingers to prevent dryness. Apply lotion twice or thrice a day for healthy hands and nails.

Schedule regular fills

Artificial nails require regular filling sessions. Make sure you visit your nail technician regularly. 

Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap

Using antibacterial soap can cut down the possibility of a bacterial infection. Wash your hands after regular intervals to avoid growth of infections.

Use non-acetone nail polish remover

Acetone can completely ruin and weaken artificial nails causing them to separate from the real nails.

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Tips to get healthy nails back after removing acrylics nails:

  • Try to keep your nails shorter after removing your extensions as long as possible
  • Switch to regular nail polish to avoid further damage
  • Keep your hands moisturised, use olive oil to bring back healthy nails 
  • Do not wear acrylic nails on a regular basis they can pose a significant health risk

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