5 Signs You Might be Taking Your Weight Loss Goals Too Far

When it comes to weight loss, there will be a lot you may be willing to do, to reach your goal. But, the truth is, forcing too hard to lose weight can later lead to weight gain.

Consumption of More Than 2 Litres of Water a Day

Consuming water is natural, but doing it to calm your appetite is not so great. According to Natalie Rizzo, R.D- a New York City nutritionist, drinking water before eating a meal or snack makes you eat less and lose weight, but it is harmful in case you do it in place of a meal. It wouldn’t be enough to satisfy your needs and could also lead to binging later as you might be depriving your body of those important nutrients. Water consumption depends on your weight and physical activity, but drinking more than 2 litres could lead to a disaster. Signs that indicate that you may be drinking too much water include peeing more than 8 times and having a consistent clear stream.

You didn’t Eat Your Favourite Food for 2-3 Weeks

Relieving yourself from having a high-calorie diet that you love may seem good, but realistically it could be a disaster. According to a clinical psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., author of Better than Perfect- a rigid fixation on what you eat can backfire in two ways as there could be times when you don’t get to eat your diet-friendly food, but end up consuming a cheat meal, which could be going overboard. And then when you go back on macronutrients such as dairy and carbs, you may end up gaining weight back.

You Exercise Every Day

If you just can’t get the heart to leave the gym and would skip social engagements, but feel exhausted and achy, you might want to think over this. According to Jessica Cording, R.D., a dietician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, making cuts in your social life can make you feel isolated and lonely leading you to emotional eating. You need to learn to balance your time and in case you don’t get enough time to rest then your work out could end up being counterproductive.

You Eat Less Than 1200 Calories

Your calorie intake should never fall below 1200 calories. If it does, your body might slip into starvation mode. So, stack your plate with veggies and try prioritising lean protein and also consume healthy fats as they keep you full and satisfied for long.

Your Weight Loss Motivation is All about Your Looks

What you think about your body can impact its appearance. There are studies that suggest that individuals who think they are overweight gain weight faster than those who don’t think they are overweight. You should not worry about your physical appearance as being hard on the body does nothing to improve self-esteem.

So, try not to go too hard on your body as it can have repercussions and back fire inadequately.

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