Barre Fitness: Know why it is the latest fitness fad

There is no question that people willingly follow new fitness trends when it comes to working out. Nobody hates a cool new workout that can be fun and helpful at the same time. In fact, with every new trend popping in the city, people are always ready to get on board with it. Barre workout is such a trend that everyone is following. If you aren’t familiar with it, sit back and read on. 

What is Barre Fitness?

Barre fitness is an incorporation of ballet barre and some pirouettes with dance, yoga, Pilates and functional training. Even though it is inspired by ballet, it does not necessarily include a dance class. It focuses on the strengthening the core, arms, legs and butt. 

Benefits of Barre Fitness 

The ballet-inspired workout is not a fad without a reason, it focuses on the core, legs, butt and arms and sure is not a meaningless fad. Here are some of the 6 benefits of barre. 

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Helps in Losing Weight

In a barre workout, more calories are burnt by focusing on the largest muscles. Your metabolic rate increases with every barre class, which helps produce more energy and burn more calories. Combined with a healthy diet, this workout can give you excellent results.

Increases Flexibility

One of the best benefits of barre is that it increases flexibility. It does not matter if you are as stiff as a stick, this workout can help your body learn to be flexible and strong simultaneously. This allows a person to enjoy a healthy life for a long time. 

Improves Postures 

It helps you get rid of slouching shoulders and improves your posture in just a few classes. Keeping a straight back is crucial to achieve desired results in this workout. Moreover, it toughens the core which also leads to keeping your back straight. 

Low Risk of Injury

Even though you are going to sweat a lot, you won’t be tired as it’s not a strenuous workout. There is less pressure on the joints, which is why there are fewer chances of an injury. 

Strengthens Muscles 

The low-impact workout puts less pressure on your joints and ligaments which helps improve your posture and strengthens your muscles. Also, it amalgamates stretching that prevents the muscles from remaining tight, thereby strengthening the muscles. 

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It’s a Fun Workout!

Barre workout is never boring because of its fast pace and variety of exercises. What makes it more interesting is the upbeat music in the background and the amazing choreography done by cheery instructors. 

These are reasons enough to hop on a ride and enrol in a class today. Your body will start showing results in no time and you will feel the strength in your bones. You will feel health which will reflect on your day-to-day activities. 


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