One Arm Pushup: The Ultimate Exercise to Push Boundaries

The beast lies within us all, waiting to get unravelled. It is only a matter of time before we unleash that beast and become a better version of ourselves. How many pushups can you do? Wait, we mean with just One Hand, yeah! the one arm push ups.

New gym enthusiasts are often boasting about their workout skills, about the endless pushups or pull ups that they can do. But ask any person who is a pro in doing exercises and he will tell you that the real deal is when you start pushing yourself. From ten kilos to twenty kilos, from ten pull-ups to fifteen pushups, from a normal push up to one hand push up. Yes, you heard it right. Contrary to what you may think, the most challenging and effective exercises take place outside the gym. All you need is the floor or most of all a pull up bar. If you can master the one arm push up, you have done a great deal and moved an inch closer to your fitness goal. 

Start with Close Grip Push Ups

First of all you have to be the master of the traditional push up, which means the two hands push up. Bringing your hands closer during a traditional push up can be a stepping stone to the one arm push up, and that is why you must start off with this. You must make sure that your elbows are tight against your sides and you can do 20-30 of these. Only when you can do 20-30 of these in good form, then you will know that you are ready to move to the next step.

Move to Elevated One Arm Push Up

Now the next step to your one arm push up is to do elevated pushups. This is just a modified version of one arm pushing with the help of an elevated surface or a bar. You must remember that when you do a one arm push up you must spread your legs more than usual. Spread your legs wider than the width of your shoulder. Just like how you do a standard push up you should keep your hand higher than your feet which will give you a mechanical advantage. This will reduce the amount of strength which is required. Remember that you must squeeze your whole body, which is your abs and glutes. You can place your other arm behind your back or place it against your leg.

Take Help to Do the One Arm Push Up

Move to the next step by hitting the floor. Your secondary arm or the one that is not being used should be used to assist your other arm. This could be done by reaching your secondary arm to the side or placing it on a slightly elevated surface. The idea behind this is to rely less on the secondary arm, and doing the most with your primary arm. With the passage of time you should slowly take lesser assists from the second arm. Then finally learn to lift the arm completely from the floor and rest it behind you for a proper one arm push up.

Come Closer to Perfection

As you begin to get it right, you should practice and emphasize on the lowering of your body. This lowering is essential because it helps to establish the movement patterns in your brain. You must lower your body as much as possible and try to stay in control. It is very important to stay in control of your body. You could push yourself back up with both arms after you have reached the bottom with the help of only one arm. This is also known as Negative Pushups. 

You must remember that one arm pushups are not easy to accomplish and it may take some time before you get accustomed to it completely. You ought to have a lot of patience, and you have to be systematic. Remember, you then have Bruce Lee’s two fingers push up to do!

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