Get Fit Like Rishabh Who Lost 46 Kgs By Just Walking

Get Fit Like Rishabh Who Lost 46 Kgs By Just Walking

Rishabh, who lived in Delhi, was 123 kg and he was not quick to lose weight. But an accident with him in Goa prompted him to lose weight. This incident shook him from inside, after which he decided to lose weight.

Weight Loss Tips And Hacks: Obese and overweight people often sit on their couch and google tips to reduce weight quickly? Am I right? People suffering from obesity can relate to it. But what next? The conclusion to this topic is that there is no miraculous way to lose weight quickly. However, according to 26-year-old Rishabh Dhussa, the desire to live a life gave him the urge to lose weight, due to which he reduced 46 kg weight just by walking.

Yes, it’s true and we are not joking with you. Rishabh Dhussa lost his weight just by walking. Walking up to 6 kilometers daily helps in fat burn and tones muscles. Brisk walking can quickly burn your calories and fat. This exercise helps reduce the risk of heart and lung diseases. If you walk up to 6 kilometers daily, then you can lose up to 46 kgs as much as Dhussa.

According to GQ, till last year, Dhussa, a resident of Delhi, was 123 kg and he was in no hurry to lose weight. But he met with an accident in Goa that prompted him to lose weight. This incident shook him from inside, after which he decided to lose weight.

Steps taken for weight loss

Rishabh’s weight loss campaign began on June 2018 and lasted till March 2019. He used to walk about 6 kilometers every day and focused on his diet.

Exercises for Weight Loss




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JAI GURU JI..!! *LOST 46 KILOS IN 10 MONTHS* From 4XL To L, From worse to quite well From ‘you are so fat’ to ‘How did you do that’ From Injured Knee to Fit me , My Weight loss journey was never easy to me. Lots of error and lots of success , Now I feel myself like a bless. Many harsh comments I heard but none worked when I worked. So I started walking alone to this jounery of weight loss, But what I found is all criscoss. When I Stopped at one station, My Family was there with lots of motivation. Special Thanks to my parents for constant support , unconditional love and immense faith in me. Dear Manas Sir, Simple Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude, you have inspired me and motivated me to start this journey, I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Keep supporting me… keep motivating me. Big big big credit goes to My Team of Dietician’s and My Fitness Coach who worked so hard in this journey . . . . . . . #weightlosstransformation #bodytransformation #transformation #healthydiet #weightlossjounery #weightlossjourney2019 #fattofit #stayfit #blessed #fatlosstransformation

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In an interview to GQ, Rishabh told that, when he started his weight loss journey, he didn’t know that he would be able to lose so much weight just by walking. After weighing 77 kg, he started his new routine to maintain it. In this routine, he went to the gym to get his loose skin toned and made muscles. Now he goes to the gym for five days a week and works on weight training and cardio exercises. Rishab warms up for 20 minutes before doing his daily routine exercises. Here’s his complete week chart.

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Monday: Chests and back weight training

Chest-Bench Press (3 sets), Decline Press (3 sets), Incline Press Bench (3 sets), Chest Press (3 sets), Back-Deadlift (3 sets), Seated Cable Row (3 sets), Single Arm Dumbel (3 sets), pull down (3 sets).

Tuesday: Abs Training

Sit-ups (3 sets), crunches (3 sets), Planks (3 sets), leg rays (3 sets), ball crunch (3 sets), twister (3 sets) and Abs wheel rollout (3 sets).

Wednesday: Legs Training

Leg extensions (3 sets), leg curls (3 sets), leg presses (3 sets), deadlift (3 sets) and squats (3 sets).

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Thursday: Arm weight training

Bicep Curl (3 sets), Plank by Bicep Curl (3 sets), Upright Row (3 sets), Chin Up (3 sets), Bar Curl (3 sets) and Bar Preture Curl (3 sets)

Friday: Shoulder Weight Training

Overhead ball press (3 sets), Arnold Press (3 sets), Dumbbell lateral rage (3 sets), Front dumbbell rage (3 sets).

Saturday: Functional training

It includes boxing, zumba and yoga.

Follow this diet chart to lose weight

Breakfast: poha, oats, the white part of boiled egg, grams (chana), fruit salad, almond milk, porridge, rajma chaats, suji idli. Not all recipes contain salt.

Lunch: brown rice with green moong dal, paneer roast with oats bread, cooked bottle gourd with multi-grain bread, quinoa salad, idli, and sambar or barley bread. All these recipes contain salt.

Rishabh consumes salad or fruit in mid-day meal.

Snacks: Only 10-12 pieces of foxnuts, that too when hungry at any time of the day.

Dinner: Unsalted boiled vegetable soup, salad or vegetables.

Apart from this, he only drinks detox water and herbal tea so that he maintains his weight.

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Written by: Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jul 19, 2019

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