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Why you should always read the news – if you are a creative editor

let’s face it, most of us don’t read the news and couldn’t care less about the supreme court last decision, or some stupid statement of a… read more

having troubles finding out what to post on your Facebook page?

There are a few among us that have the luck to work with the most interesting companies in… read more


The right way to use GIFs on your Facebook page

 Who doesn’t likes GIFs?
they are funny and a great way to deliver your content and… read more



The new advertising opportunities with the new IOS

Everybody went crazy over the new Iphon x, and its new face recognizer, but they missed out one… read more


Grammarly – best Chrome extension to Level up your writing

this app is great for advertisers that want to make sure they don’t make any mistake in their ads… read more




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